• Deal With It 4.1.0 Submitted

    Deal With It 4.1.0 allows loading and saving images from any cloud backup service that provides an iOS app, not just Dropbox. The app for whichever service will need to be installed on your device.

  • Micrograv Progress Update

    Micrograv is coming along nicely, and I wanted to show this to everyone:


  • Introducing Micrograv!

    Fiery death awaits competitors in Micrograv, Hideous Robots’ upcoming game for AppleTV! Take control of a small, heavily armed spacecraft orbiting the Sun and blast your opponents to pieces! But be careful: the Sun’s gravity is strong, and staying clear of its infernal maw will not be easy…

  • Rocket Rover 1.2 Released!

    Rocket Rover 1.2 has been released! (App Store link) This update adds new enemies, graphical improvements, performance enhancements, and bug fixes. Check out this ad/gameplay video of Rocket Rover 1.2 in action! (embedded video below the jump)

  • No Contest Winner

    Forgot to announce it earlier, but there was no winner of our Rocket Rover contest. Rocket Rover 1.2 is (Apple willing) right around the corner; perhaps a new contest will be in order once players have gotten a chance to test themselves against the new enemies.

  • A Rocket Rover Contest!

    Be the first person to reach 100 or more points in Rocket Rover and we’ll gift you an iOS app of your choice, up to $4.99 USD! Get paid to get that Triple Digit Score achievement! Exclamation marks! Details, rules, etc., below the jump.

  • Rocket Rover 1.1.2 Released

    Rocket Rover 1.1.2 has been released! Download now! This release adds iPhone 6 support, as well as bug fixes and performance increases.

  • Rocket Rover Released

    Rocket Rover has been unleashed! Available now on the App Store, download now!

  • Rocket Rover Approved

    Rocket Rover has been approved by Apple and will be released Tuesday, September 2nd! We can’t wait for people to play it! It’s free, with non-annoying ads (banners only, no interstitial or video ads).

  • Introducing Rocket Rover

    We made an iPhone game called Rocket Rover! It hasn’t been released yet, but in the meantime you can go take a look at the Rocket Rover page on our site!

  • A Shiny New Website

    Still a work in progress, but it looks nice.