Stuck keeping score on family game night? Then you need Score-O-Tron, with Twitter and Facebook support!

Whether it’s a friendly round of cards or a cutthroat game of Greedy Greedy, Score-O-Tron will help you keep score so you can concentrate on playing and having a good time.

Score-O-Tron works with just about any kind of game, be it cards, dice, or something else.

Can’t find your dice? Or do you need 6 to play, but can only find 5? Score-O-Tron’s built-in dice roller has you covered! When enabled, you can roll up to 6 more dice.

Use Score-O-Tron’s Twitter integration to Tweet your game results, and even use the players’ Twitter profile pictures instead of the doodles! Game results can also be posted to Facebook! (Twitter support requires iOS 5.1+, Facebook requires iOS 6.0+).

Want to see what someone scored a few rounds ago? Easy! On iPhone tap the “i” Info button next to the player, on iPad two-finger-tap on a player’s icon, and you’ll see a round-by-round breakdown of their scores.

Use the Keep Device Awake option to keep your device from sleeping while Score-O-Tron is open!

With a 32 player maximum, everyone can play!

Works on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Requires iOS 5.1 or later, Facebook support requires iOS 6.0 or later.




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