No personally identifiable or private information is ever collected by Score-O-Tron, with the exception of user-entered player names and Twitter information. Player names are saved on the device but are never reported or sent to me or anyone else.

If entered, the Twitter screen names of the players and their Twitter profile pictures may be saved to the device, but are only used for the specific app features that require them, and are never reported or sent to us or anyone other than Twitter.

Anonymous usage information may be collected. This may include the number of times per day Score-O-Tron is used, length of time used, number of players added (but never the player names or Twitter information), and other anonymous usage data. Anonymous device information may also be collected, such as the type of device (iPhone, iPad, etc.) and what iOS version.

Basically, we don’t collect any personal information, but we do collect device and usage information to help us focus our development efforts where they’re needed most.